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Andersen Air Force Base, Guam 1965-1975

Media: Video
Service: Air Force
Theater: Vietnam
Video: Color  70 Minutes
UPC: 811120012459

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This video documents day-to-day activities at Andersen AFB from 1965 through 1975. Includes excellent scenes of numerous areas throughout the base, main gate, 3960th Strategic Air Wing Headquarters building, base chapel and barracks area, mail room, dispensary, base operations, terminal building, commissary and much more. Also includes aerial views of Andersen AFB showing runway, revetments and hardstands.

There is excellent footage of sentry dogs and their handlers patrolling the base, as well as detailed footage of B-52s and KC-135s in action at Andersen. Includes scenes from Operation New Life, Andersen's participation of the relocation of thousands of Vietnamese refugees in 1975. This DVD offers a narrated newsreel, but for the most part the film footage is silent with captions.

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Comments On This Video

Terry Fitzpatrick  November 13, 2013

Memories of 'Tin City' and 3960th Field Maintenance Sqdn

I served at Andersen Air Force Base in 1969. I remember first getting there in January and being housed in "Tin City." I was attached to the 3960th Field Maintenance Squadron as a Maintenance Scheduling Specialist. I basically tracked the aircraft through the different maintenance shops: i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, and Sheet Metal repair until the aircraft was returned to flight status. I remember leaving for work and getting caught in a downpour, and drying out by the time I walked to work. I remember going to movies at the "Washout", the open air theater. Eventually we were transferred into the brick air conditioned barracks. My roommates, Ron Bahr and Ron Baron, and myself got to Okinawa for ten days R&R. I remember seeing Bob Hope get off the plane, and watching his show from a distance. I was able to go hunting for wild boar on my days off with a Staff Sergeant I worked with. I still remember watching the F-4 Phantoms take off. One of our friends, Bruce Cornelius, was a B-52 crew chief and went with the aircraft to Thailand when the typhoons threatened. I remember the Russian "fishing trawler" anchored off the coast, supposedly monitoring the flights and communicating with Hanoi. I received my orders for "home" Air Force base on Christmas Eve, and headed for Travis AFB in February 1970. Forty three years later I look back and realize what a privilege it was to serve and thank the USAF for wonderful memories.

Rick Pare  December 01, 2011
Miami, FL

Indepth Information About This Video
Shot List Abbreviations:

Medium Close Up (MCU)..... Camera pans entire scene (PAN) Ground View (GV),

Background (BG).....Medium Shot (MS),

Long Shot (LS).....Medium Long Shot (MLS).....Good (G),

Fair (F).....Background (BG).....Middle Background (MBG),

Scenes from the following film footage was included in the making of this video.

Andersen AFB, 04/21/1965-05/13/1965

Sign at main gate: UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE with SAC insignia. LS pan right with B-47E making landing approach behind sign at gate. LS's of motor pool area. Parking lot at Civil Engineering section. LS Andersen Base Supply building. MS Andersen Base Supply building. LS, MS & CU 3rd Air Division Headquarters. MS Base Exchange building. Series of scenes around housing areas, Roberts Terrace and Fleming Heights. Children getting on bus outside school.

Sign: CAPEHART SWIMMING POOL. AV high angle of swimming pool and sun deck. Scenes of outdoor theater. Airman walking past Malojolo Falls. Series of street scenes in Inarajan. LS down coastline -- pan right around Umatic Bay and village. Wreckage of WW II amphibian tractor and Sherman tanks. ) Series of scenes around Agana showing modern buildings, ancient ruins, cathedral and ancient stones with marker describing their reconstruction. Rugged coastline near College of Guam.

CU sign: COLLEGE OF GUAM, ACCREDITED BY WCA TRITONS. MLS & CU college buildings. Highway through hills to beach, taken from vehicle.Series of scenes around Tarague Beach showing palm trees, picnic tables and people swimming. Andersen Base Chapel and barracks area. Scenes of 3960th Strategic Wing Headquarters building.

Andersen Mail Room, Base Dispensary, Base Operations and Terminal Building and Commissary. Series of scenes at Base Recreation area, showing bowling lanes, hobby shop, beauty shop, sporting goods store, laundry, barber shop and cafeteria. Andersen Officers' Club building. AV's of Andersen AFB showing runway, revetments and hardstands.


Shot List Coverage of sentry dog activities at Andersen AFB, showing handlers being briefed on patrol areas, dog being examined by veterinarian, handlers getting dogs from kennels, dog attacking man in padded suit, dogs and handlers on patrol at night, and handlers firing on pistol range. MS of airmen in formation for inspection, then falling out and being briefed on area coverage by NCOIC. Veterinarian inspecting sentry dog on table. Handlers going to kennel area, then bringing dogs out. MS of dog attacking man in padded suit during training period. Sentry dog and handler at station overlooking ocean at dusk. Sentry dog and handler patrolling B-52D flight line at night. MS of sentry dog handlers on pistol range, firing at targets.


Shot List Coverage of activities at Andersen AFB during Linebacker II, the bomber offensive against North Vietnam. Shows B52Ds and B-52Gs taxiing to runway, taking off, landing, and returning to hardstands.

Coronet Bacon IV and V, Andersen AFB, Guam 07/26/1974-08/14/1974

KC-135A landing, taxiing in and crew leaving aircraft. 2) Insignias on KC-135As including 28th Bomb Wing. KC-135A taxiing in, crew offloading baggage and boarding bus. KC-135As parked seen from passing vehicle. 5) Crew leaving KC-135A. KC-135A maintenance at night. KC-135As parked at dawn. KC-135As parked as seen from passing vehicle. KC-135A taxiing in at dawn. Insignia of 19th Bomb Wing on KC-135A


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