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Escort Carriers, CVEs 1940s And 1950s

Media: Video
Service: Navy
Theater: Cold War,World War II
Video: Color/B&W  75 Minutes
UPC: 811120017270

Anywhere in the U.S.

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First DVD Is $29.95. All Additional DVD's Are $19.95 Each.
This video documents activities aboard Escort Carriers (CVEs) in the 1940s and the 1950s. Also known as "baby flat-tops," these smaller carriers played a pivotal role in WWII.

Please note: There is no narration in this video, it contains a music soundtrack.

See more information for scenes in the video.


Indepth Information About This Video

Shot List 1) SHS Lord Halifax speaks at mike.2) SHS Edgar Kaiser & Lord & Lady Halifax on platform; Lady Halifax christen ship; ship leaves ways-SV.3) MS Ship goes down ways.4) MS Ship dead in water. 5) MS Lord & Lady Halifax & women attendant on platform.6) GV Ship dead in water, tugs approach.7) MS Bow view of ship on ways.8) MS Sponsoring party on platform, spectators BG-SV.9) MCU Lord & Lady Halifax.10) CU Lady Halifax.11) LS-GV Spectators-SV.12) SHS Lord Halifax speaks at mike.13) SHS Woman hands flowers to Lady Halifax, crowd applauds; Lady Halifax crack bottle, ship leaves ways. WASHINGTON, 07/20/1943


Shot List 1) TBFs in formation over task force maneuvers .2) AV Formation TBFs passes-SV.3) AV- LS TBFs peel off for simulated attack on task force.4) AV-CU TBFs in formation.5) AV CVE *77 underway.6) AV-CU F6F & TBF land on CVE-SV.7) AV-LS Task force maneuvering.8) AV-MS-CU TBFs in formation9) AV-MS TBF makes low altitude torpedo run.10) AV-CU TBF.11) AV Formation F6Fs- SV.12) AV-CU Formation TBFs with tail hooks down.13) AV-MS TBFs warm up, launched from deck CVE: AIR.CARRIERS, CVE, underway AMPHIB.FORCES, Pac. Airplanes BOMBING, prac. BOMBING, runs INVASIONS, Palau IS., Palau MANEUVERS, USN MARCUS ISLAND, USS PLANES, catapulted, CVE TASK FORCES, ACTION

Japanese PLANES ATTACK USS SANGAMON (CVE-26), 10/13/1944

Shot List 1) MS Bullet splashes in water.2) MS Japanese "Zeke" strafes USS SANGAMON, bullets splash in water.3) MS DD underway, flak bursts in air.4) MS CVE underway, Japanese planes burn on water BG.5) GV Plane handlers lounge on flight deck, eat ice cream.6) MS DD approaches and transfers Japanese fighter pilot.7) HS Japanese pilot received on USS SANGAMON, carried on stretcher.8) MS Japanese plane strafes USS SANGAMON.9) MS-Pan Japanese plane crash dives on CVE.10) HS Men in water; blown overboard by explosion.11) MS CVE underway, burning.12) MCU Fire on bow of CVE.13) GV Japanese plane approaches through flak.14) HS Capt. of USS SANGAMON on bridge, scans skies.15) HS Gun crews in 20MM gun pits.16) LS Japanese plane, many flak bursts over water.17) LS Ships on horizon signal blinker (shaky).18) GV CL & CVE underway.


Shot List 1) AV TBF in flight, overhead view, plane has rockets mounted beneath wings.2) MS Slow motion photography of aviation ordnancemen wheeling bombs across flight deck.3) MS TBFs take off-SV.4) HS FM lands.5) MS Landing S.O. directs landings of FMs.6) MS-CU Service crew fills belly tank with fuel.7) CU-LS From hangar deck TBF is catapulted.8) MS FMs are spotted on flight deck-SV.9) HS DD underway alongside.10) HS-CU Transfer of mail via breeches buoy to DD underway alongside, also personnel transferred from DD to CVE-SV.11) MS Group of pilots posed on flight deck.12) MS Pilot climbs catwalk to flight deck-SV.13) GV Task force off Iwo Jima including AGC, New York & Tennessee class BBs, (BBs bombarding shoreline). AUX. SHIPS, AGC AVIATION ORDNANCEMAN Air pilots Airplanes BOMBARDMENTS, Iwo Jima BREECHES BUOYS Battleships Destroyers (Warships) HANGARS, AFLOAT ISLANDS, Iwo MAIL, USN NATOMA BAY, USS Naval battles PLANES, spotted ROCKETS, planes SHIP"S WORK, CVE, LSO TASK FORCES, UNDERWAY TRANS. AT SEA, mail TRANS. AT SEA, personnel


Shot List 1) AV Bombs falling on wooded rolling country.2) AV TBMs in flight-SV.3) AV Invasion craft off Okinawa.4) AV Damaged airfield on Okinawa.5) HS Pilot climbs aboard TBM.6) HS TBM catapulted.7) MS Pilot signs clearance sheet.8) LS TBM being spotted on catapult.9) MS TBM lands on carrier deck.10) MS TBM pilot dismounting from airplane-SV.11) MS Gun crews lounging near guns.12) LS Aircraft taking off from CVE-SV


Shot List 1) MS Men move bombs on truck-SV.2) CU Men bombing up TBMs-SV.3) MS TBMs taxi on flight deck for take off-SV.4) HS Men bring rockets up on elevator to flight deck.5) MS-CU Men transport rockets on flight deck-SV.6) MS Pilots emerge on flight deck to man their planes.7) MS FMs catapulted from flight deck.8) LS-Pan Ships at anchor in island area, LCI underway FG-SV.


Shot List MS Pilots in ready room.MS F4U's being pushed onto elevator on hangar deck.MS Elevator going up to flight deck.MS Plane going down elevator; superstructure in BG.MS Negro cook in galley.MCU Loud speaker on bulkhead.MS CAPT sitting at desk, signing papers.MLS F4U's on carrier flight deck.MS Marine pilots in ready room being given instructions.MS Pilots in ready room.MS Pilots leaving ready room and walking toward camera.MS Mechanics working on plane on hangar deck (SV).LS DE coming alongside carrier.MS Man being transferred via breeches buoy.MS Enlisted men going through chow liU One man's tray.MS Men arming rockets (SV). MS Men wheeling rockets away on cart.MS Rockets going up small elevator.MS Men in engine room.MS FDO signaling F4U's to take off.


Shot List MS LSO waving in F4U's.LS CVEAV USS SICILY (CVE-118).MS Marine F4U's landing on carrier (MV).MS Doctors in operating room.MS PAN Doctors' instruments.MS Three radio operators in radio room.CU Radio operator working at typewriter.MS Officers on bridge looking through binocs.MS Skipper on bridge.MS Skipper looking through binocs.MS Officer giving dispatch to CAPT.MS Skipper on bridge (SV).MS Officers on bridge of ship (SV).


Shot List 1) HA MS Bow of USS GUADAICANAL in heavy seas, taking spray across flight deck. (SV)2) HA MS Aft flight deck, USS GUADALCANAL, in heavy weather, planes tied down on flight deck.3) MS Several landings of TBM"s aboard GUADAICANAL.4) MS TBM coming in for landing, crashes, goes over side of catwalk into water.5) MS FM a/c coming in for landing on deck, tail wheel breaks off, a/c rolls over side.6) MS SB-2C coming in for landing aboard GUADAICANAL, catches wire, bounces, hits barrier.7) MCU FM makes carrier landing, hits barrier, stands on nose.8) MS F-4U making normal landing aboard GUADALCANAL. (SV)9) MS FM coming in for fast landing, fails to catch arresting wire, hits barrier, turns over onto back.10) MCU FM being turned right side up after crash.11) MCU FM coming in, hits barrier, swings around, crashes.12) MS SB-2C hitting barrier, swinging around, breaking wheel off.13) MS FM making normal landing on deck of USS GUADALCANAL. (SV)14) MS F44U making crash landing aboard USS GUADALCANAL in front of camera, gas sprays back and bursts into flame. (SV)15) CU Crash of F-4U directly in front of camera, burning gasoline on deck, some gas falls off past camera.16) CU Fuselage of crashed F-4U directly in front of camera, Foamite is being poured onto fuselage to extinguish fire.


Shot List 1) MS-CU Personnel aboard ship practicing sheilding their eyes for "A" drop (SV).2) MS Admiral"s flag, US flag and signal flag flying.3) MS-CU Sailors rehearsing shielding their eyes for "A" drop.4) LS "A" bomb cloud mushrooming upward.5) LS "A" bomb cloud, sailors in FG.6) MS Personnel playing around on deck and shooting the breeze (SV).7) MS Group of Marines on board ship (SV).8) MS Cameramen aboard ship (SV).9) MS Cameramen setting up equipment.10) MS-CU Personnel aboard ship (SV).11) CU Two Army men playing cards on deck of ship.12) MS-CU Navy personnel aboard ship (SV).13) LS USS SAIDOR (CVE-117) underway.14) LS-MS Personnel playing deck tennis and other shots of personnel going thru routine exercies (SV).15) MS-CU Sailors fishing over side of ship (SV).16) CU Two sailors on deck reading letters.17) LS Bomb cloud mushrooming upward.18) CU Bomb cloud. AIR CARRIERS, CVE, Underway BOMBS, Explode, Nuclear, "A" BOMBS, Mushroom clouding BOMBS, Nuclear, Atomic, Explode ENL'D MEN, Pers. Act., Reading letters ENL'D MEN, Pers. Act., Relax., USN ENL'D MEN, USA, Aflt. ENL'D MEN, USMC, Aflt. ENL'D MEN, USN, Rated, Photog. (PH) Aflt. FLAGS, U.S. Var., Admirals OP., "CROSSROADS" RECREAT., Sports, Fishing RECREAT., Sports, Tennis, Aflt. RECREAT., Table Games, Aflt., Cards SAIDOR, USS(CVE-117)

U.S.S. BADOENG STRAIT (CVE-116) AT SEA, 01/16/1950

Shot List MS Flight deck crew pushing F4U around flight deck.MS F4U going down elevator of carrier.MS Flight deck crew; some of them wear face masks; they push aircraft around flight deck.MS Helicopter lands on flight deck of carrier; RADM A.K. MOOREHOUSE arrives aboard helicopter.MS USS CHARA (AKA-58) comes alongside the BADOENG STRAIT for a transfer of aupplies and ammo.MS Bridge of CHARA.MCU DA Men appoaching lines.MS DA Gear being transferred via lines.MCU Gear on lines in cargo nets; being lowered to carrier flight deck.MS Men stacking ammo. on flight deck.MCU Gear coming aboard carrier via lines.MS F4U being catapulted (looking fwd. on carrier).MS F4U taxiing fwd. via catapult (t deck level).MS F4U catapulted.MLS Men on flight deck (R), watching planes pass.DA Pier manned, far BG. MS DA Men milling around on pier; large warehouse, in BG.MS Men disembarking from carrier, onto pier.SV Men coming down gangway; gear stacked on pier.


Shot List 1) GV Flight deck personnel on the USS MINDORO, handling lines of the blimp moored to deck. Blimp gets signal for take off and ascends.2) MCU Lines thrown from blimp to flight deck crew, who run with them on deck.3) MCU Flight deck personnel handling nose of blimp.4) GV Three flight deck personnel handling nose of blimp.5) MCU Cabin of blimp leaves deck.6) MCU LSO gives signal to blimp for landing.7) MCU Cabin of blimp touches deck; flight deck personnel handling lines, FG.8) MCU LSO gives signals to take-off.9) GV K-ship lands aboard the USS MINDORO.10) GV K-ship takes off the USS MINDORO.11) MCU Flight deck personnel handling nose of blimp on flight deck as it comes for landing.12) GV Cable is dropped from blimp to pick up fuel line from carrier for refuel - (ship to air).13) CU Personnel connects hose to cable.14) CU Cable pulls refueling hose up to blimp from deck through stern of cabin (two views).15) MCU Fuel line is lowered back to deck (two views).16) MCU Refueling officer standing with red pennant.17) GV Looking across the stern of the USS MINDORO, with two blimps airborne at the stern of it.18) GV LSO on bridge of the USS MINDORO signaling during refueling operation.19) GV Two flight deck crew racing down flight deck with handling lines.20) GV Flight deck personnel handling lines and nose of blimp as it lands on flight deck.21) GV Crew disembarking from nose of blimp.22) MCU Lines are cast off from blimp as blimp ascends into air.23) MCU Crew coming out of stern of cabin as new crew boards it.24) GV Blimp ascends from flight deck.

811120017270 UPC


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