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Hit The Deck: Incredible Carrier Crashes & Landings

Media: Video
Service: Navy
Theater: Not Applicable
Video: Color/B&W  60 Minutes
UPC: 811120016938

Anywhere in the U.S.

Were You There?
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First DVD Is $29.95. All Additional DVD's Are $19.95 Each.
This video contains one hour of the most dramatic carrier landing accidents ever recorded. Film footage from the 1940s to the 1960s of planes ripping into and exploding on the flight deck; dramatic rescues of pilots; planes ramming the island.

Featuring the USS Wasp (CV-18), USS Princeton (CV-37), USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60), USS Bunker Hill (CV-17), USS Makassar Strait (CVE-91), USS Philippine Sea (CV-47) and USS Essex (CV-9).

Also includes C-130 aborted and successful landings on USS Forrestal (CVA-59).


Indepth Information About This Video
Mission Completed

Shot list:

Shows activities aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean as damaged planes return from a mission. A plane lands with one wheel. Another skids off the landing deck and hangs on the side of the ship. The third plane slides off the deck into the ocean, killing the pilot. States the cost of the plane and the cost of the pilot's training, but points out that a human life cannot be measured in dollars. Indicates that the mission of civilians at home is to purchase war bonds.


Shot List

F4F crashing aboard the Wasp; aircraft hits superstructure. F2F's crashing into barrier aboard aircarrier. F2A crashing on flight deck. SB2U landing on flight deck with wheels up. F4F crashing into barrier F4F crashes into flight deck. F4F catching wire and going over side. SB2U crashing into stern of the Wasp. SB2U going over port side of flight deck. SB2U crashing into barrier aboard Wasp. SB2U landing aboard the CV-18. F4F approaching stern during landing operations. PAN F4F landing. Aircraft landing aboard the Wasp; F4F's and SB2U's. F4F's landing aboard ship. F4F crashing into stern. F4F landing aboard the Wasp. SB2U landing. SB2U crashing into barrier. F4F crashing into barrier. F4F landing on flight deck as wheels collapses. SB2U crashing into barrier aboard the Wasp. SB2U landing aboard the Wasp. F6F crashing into superstructure of the Wasp.

USS Princeton

Shot List

F4U lands, bomb lies off wing as plane hits deck; men look fwd. F9F hits edge of flight deck, bursts into flames, and breaks into two pieces. Firefighters & men run to scene. Men with fire hoses fight fire of crashed F9F.MCU Injured pilot lying on flight deck. Pilot being carried down flight deck in stretcher. Men fight fire of crashed F9F. F9F lands & crashes into end of flight deck & bursts into flames. Flight deck activity after F9F has crashed. Wrecked plane being shoved overside.

USS Philippine Sea

Shot List

F9F landing and running into barrier. Plane crashes in water. Helicopter attempts rescue; hovering over area. Helicopter or flight deck; pilot is removed and placed on stretcher. F9F lands on carrier and crashes into barriers. F9F crashes into barriers (slow motion). General activity around crashed F9F. F9F (wings folded) towed fwd on flight deck (damaged right wing and tail assembly). Men repair damaged barrier.MCU DA Nose section of F9F hitting barrier. F9F hits barrier. F9F hits 3 barriers on landing. F9F on side after running off onto catwalk. General activity in salvage operation of F9F. F4U crashes off fwd end of flight deck into water. Splash in water; tail section disappears in water.Looking aft: AD's on flight deck; helicopter hovers over crashed plane. LSO signals approaching helioopter in for a landing. Men (carrying stretcher) run to helicopter and remove injured pilot.Stretcher bearers carry injured pilot across flight deck. AD lands on flight deck; AD lands, folds wings, taxies fwd; helicopter hovers in background.

USS Bunker Hill

Shot List:

SB2C hits barrier, noses over. SB2C hits barrier, noses over; men in asbestos suits fight fire. TBF hits barrier, crashes. TBF crashes barrier, noses over. F4U crashes barrier. F4U bounces, jumps barrier, crashes into planes aboard USS BUNKER HILL.


Shot List:

Includes scenes of various aircraft crash landing while the ship is off the coast of Hawaii.

USS Guadalcanal

shot List:

Landings of TBM"s aboard GUADAICANAL. TBM coming in for landing, crashes, goes over side of catwalk into water. FM a/c coming in for landing on deck, tail wheel breaks off, a/c rolls over side. SB-2C coming in for landing aboard GUADAICANAL, catches wire, bounces, hits barrier. makes carrier landing, hits barrier, stands on nose. F-4U making normal landing aboard GUADALCANAL. FM coming in for fast landing, fails to catch arresting wire, hits barrier, turns over onto back. FM being turned right side up after crash. FM coming in, hits barrier, swings around, crashes. SB-2C hitting barrier, swinging around, breaking wheel off. FM making normal landing on deck of USS GUADALCANAL. F4U making crash landing aboard USS GUADALCANAL in front of camera, gas sprays back and bursts into flame. Crash of F-4U directly in front of camera, burning gasoline on deck, some gas falls off past camera. Fuselage of crashed F-4U directly in front of camera, Foamite is being poured onto fuselage to extinguish fire.

USS Essex

Shot List

F2H burns on flight deck (hazy). Man lying on flight deck (quick). Men play fire hoses on crashed F2H. F2H lands on flight deck. TBM lands on flight deck. AD lands on flight deck. F9F lands. F2H landing, and crashes on flight deck (pan from plane). Much smoke and flames from crashed plane. Fire fighters with fire hoses and fomite. Smoke and fire from F2H.

811120016938 UPC


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