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Lai Khe, Di-An, Phu Loi & FSB Apollo

Media: Video
Service: Army
Theater: Vietnam
Video: Color  80 Minutes
UPC: 811120010288

Anywhere in the U.S.

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This video includes scenes shot at Lai Khe, Di-An, Phu Loi & FSB Apollo during the Vietnam War. Includes aerial views of the base camps, various scenes around the bases, day-to-day activities, assault helicopter operations, 1st Infantry Division operations, medical evacuation, R&R (rest and relaxation) , artillery, and much more.

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Comments On This Video

Taylor (Ted) Stowell  January 06, 2013
Conshohocken, PA., U.S.A.

Remembering Lai Khe's layout

From 1965 to 1966 I was with 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 1st Inf. Division. stationed at Lai Khe. We entered our Area of Operatirons when it was only rubber trees and an elephant-grass open field, right in the middle.    Co. B, in the North; tied into Co. A, in the East; which was tied into Co. C, in the South; with Battalion Tactical Operations Center, 4.2" mortars, Headquarters and Headquarters Company and support, in the center. Our West boundry was Hwy. 13; with a 105MM howitzer battery, 3rd Brigade headquarters and the 26th Infantry west of Hwy 13.

Rich Pine  January 05, 2012
Fremont, Calif. USA

Bruce E Carbone  July 28, 2011
Mulberry, FL-USA


Worked 12-hour Shifts At Phu Loi

Served with HHC 520th Trans Bn @ PhuLoi Nov. 67-Nov. 68. Worked in commo section, and security platoon. Had to maintain field phones thru out Bn, reel out new commo wire as needed. Manned switchboard, SB22 and monitor radio net. Worked 12-hour shifts. Security platoon, manned bunkers and tower 5 (Main gate).  Sometimes had day shift in tower. Accidently set off a claymore one night while on bunker guard.


Indepth Information About This Video
Aerial views of Camp Phu Loi, Camp Di An and Lai Khe.

Operation Attleboro, 1st Infantry Division Artillery, Phu Loi, Tay Ninh and Soui Da, South Vietnam, 11/16/1966 - 11/20/1966

Fire control officer at radio. Soldier throws smoke signal grenade and directs CH-47 into landing area. CH-47 approaches with sling of ammo. ABsm water-filled bomb craters. AV, smoke from exploding shells on target. AVs, Black Virgin Mountain. AVs, 8-in SP Howitzer and battery area. CU, pilot at controls of airborne copter. AV, farm and brush terrain. AVs, gun battery. VS, soldiers load and fire 105mm How. Fire control officer on phone. VS, soldier at ground surveillance radar unit. Officer plotting target on map. CU, pip signal in radar screen. Air-to-air, UH-1D in flight. Interiors, soldiers in CH-47 and climbing down ladder to ground. AVs, copter takes off. Interiors, soldiers pull boarding ladder into ramp of CH-47. AVs, artillery and encampment. VS, crews load and fire 155mm How. VS, men of the 178th Aviation Co. service and check CH-47 helicoters. VS, 105mm Howitzer is dug in and sighted. Pallet of shells hang from sling attop of screen.


CU, soldier copter repairman wearing a red baseball cap. (This cap was adopted by the men of the 605th Transportation Co.) Two soldiers wearing red caps work on engine of UH-1D copter. CU, soldier wearing the bush hat (OD cowboy hat). (The hat was adopted by instructors at the combat indoctrination course of the 3d Bde, 1st Inf Div.) Two instructors wearing the bush hats stand in front of class and conduct a course on enemy mines and weapons. Combat Indoctrination Course sign. CU, soldier wearing the black baseball cap. (This cap was adopted by the men of the 11th Aviation Battalion, Pathfinder Detachment.). VS, two soldiers wearing the black caps check sling riggings on 105mm How waiting to be airlifted. Soldier in black cap talks to copter pilots. Soldier in black cap signals CH-47 copter in to pick up slingload of 105mm Howitzer and supplies. Hookup is made and copter flies off. CU, soldier wearing a camouflaged tiger suit flop hat. (This hat was adopted by all Special Forces and Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) personnel of the 1st Inf. Div.) Two soldiers wearing the flop hats move though brush. The men stop and check map and compass. Sign of the 2nd Bn, 34th Armor, 3d Bde, 1st Inf. Division. CU, soldier wears the black beret. (The beret was adopted by the men of the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) of the 1st Inf. Division Berets are only worn at base camps; on patrols the men wear the GI baseball caps.) Instructor conducts class on the AK-47 weapon. (All men wear the black berets.) LRRP emblem on sign. CU, soldier wears the tanker's helmet. Leader talks to the crew. At signal men turn and board M-48 tank. Crew put their helmets. CU, soldier wearing the blue baseball cap. (The cap was adopted by 'dust off' crew members of the 45th Medical Co., 68th Medical Group, 44th Medical Bde. The caps are worn when men are on the ground. When men get into copters they put on aviator helmets. Pilot and crew board copter and put on helmets. CU, soldier wearing aviator's helmet. VS, soldiers of the 85th Engr Fire Fighters Team, 1st Inf Div, rush out of sleeping quarters and put on boots and fire helmets. Men board fire truck and drive off. CU, soldier wearing a fire fighter's helmet.


Activities of helicopter pilots and crewmen stationed at Lai Khe.


"Big Red One"emblem atop 1st Inf Div HQ. Gen Johnson and party arrive by jeep and enter HQ. Gen Johnson boards copter. Copter takes off. -- Pilot at controls of UH-1D. UH-1D medicopters of 57th and 283d air ambulance companies take off and land at the 93d Evac Hospital helipad. AVs, junlge and landing at the helipad. Soldier ties down the main rotor blade. Litter patient is carried from ambulance to copter and from copter into hospital.

1ST INF DIVISION STAND DOWN CENTER, 12/04/1969 - 12/06/1969

Summary: This center provides a form of in-country R&R for two day periods for battle weary troops of the division. VS, soldiers of the 26th Inf listen to briefing by officer. He tells them of the facilities of the center. Soldiers unload barracks bags from trailer. Soldiers pick up their gear and walk off. Soldiers place combat gear into CONEX container. Soldiers enter and exit from direct exchange facilities building. They are receiving new sets of fatigues. VS, 1st Infantry Division band playing during award ceremony. Col Frank D Conant Jr salutes. Troops in formation. Col Conant presents medals to soldiers in ranks. Buildings of the center. Soldier musicians playing in NCO Club. (underexposed) Soldiers playing miniature golf. Soldiers play in swimming pool. Soldiers play basketball. CU, basketball going through basket. Soldiers remove combat gear from CONEX container and put on the equipment. Truck convoy arrives. Soldiers board trucks. Soldiers get off truck. Trucks loaded with soldiers move out.


Three soldiers carry folded American, South Vietnamese an Iron Brigade flags to reviewing stand. VS, reviewing stand, dignitaries and troops in formation. Color Guard encase flags and march away. CU, iron cross on memorial stone. LS, 3rd Brigade hqs building. CU, sign: "HEADQUARTERS, THIRD BRIGADE, 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION, CAMP GORDON J LIPPMAN." CU: memorial, iron cross atop plaques on stone. CU: plaque: "IN MEMORY OF THE BATTLES AND ThE OPERATIONS OF THE IRON BRIGADE AND OF ITS COURAGEOUS SOLDIERS WHO HAVE FALLEN." LS, memorial, hqs building and three flag poles bearing the American, South Vietnamese and iron brigade flags. They are waving in the breeze. MS, flags. CU, various signs of the 1st Inf Div. VS, deserted buildings, warehouses, tents, gun emplacements, storage areas, and motor pool.


Summary: SVN General Nguyen Van Hieu, General Do Cao Tri and LTG Julian J. Ewell arrive at base camp and are greeted by dignitaries. CU, Gen Hieu and Gen Tri saluting. MG Albert E. Milloy and Ewell standing at attention. U.S. soldiers in formation. LS, generals reviewing troops. LS, Gen Milloy and Gen Hieu walking to stand. CU, American flag. Generals Milloy and Ewell saluting. American flag is lowered and folded. CU, flag detail marches off with folded VN American flags. VN and American troops changing sides of field. CU, Gen Hieu talking into microphone. MS, Color Guard. Generals standing on stand. CU, Gen Milloy talking into microphone. CU, dignitaries listening and watching Gen Milloy speak. Generals shake hands.

811120010288 UPC


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