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USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31)

Media: Video
Service: Navy
Theater: Cold War,Vietnam
Video: Color/B&W  45 Minutes
UPC: 811120014200

Anywhere in the U.S.

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First DVD Is $29.95. All Additional DVD's Are $19.95 Each.
This video documents day-to-day activities aboard Bon Homme Richard in the 1950s and the 1960s. Includes FJ-3 Fury operations aboard the carrier, a Seventh Fleet change of command ceremony held aboard Bon Homme Richard, A4D Skyhawk operations aboard the ship; operations in the Gulf of Tonkin and a hands-on visit aboard the carrier by Navy midshipmen.

Please note! There is no narration in this video. It contains a music sountrack.


Indepth Information About This Video
Scenes In The Video

FJ-3 Fury aboard Bon Homme Richard

Shot List

1) MS Rack of Sidewinder missiles comes up from number 3 bomb elevator; ordnance men gather around missiles as they come up to flight deck of CVA.2) MS Flight deck ordnance men move missiles across deck on bomb sled to FJ-3.3) MS Sled, lnaded with missiles, wheeled around to strbrd. side of plane.4) MS Bomb sled on flight deck next to FJ-3; ordnance men unload missiles from sled (men wearing dungarees, red sweaters, helmets).5) MS Ordnance men remove missiles from sled, carry them to wing of plane.6) MCU Missile carried toward strbrd. wing of plane; men wait under wing to load missile aboard (SV).7) MCU Lead attached to nose of missile, which has been loaded in bomb rack on plane.8) MLS FJ-3 on port catapult aboard CVA; second plane, FG, catted, followed by first.9) LA MLS Plane catted from strbrd. catapult, disappears overhead.10) LA MLS FJ-3 on port catapult takes off.11) HA MLS Plane parked on port catapult with wings folded; flight deck personnel (wearing red & green shirts) nd plane.12) HA MLS Plane catted, disappears overhead.13) HA LS FJ-3 towed by yellow tractor up flight deck; Pan, plane with missiles loaded on underside of folded wings; Pan, to right, plane towed to port catapult; flight deck personnel around plane.14) HA MLS FJ-3 parked on port catapult.15) MS Plane on flight deck.16) MCU/MS Flight deck ordnance men attach missiles, remove cones (SV).17) MS Man polishes glass nose on missile.18) HA MCU Missile on launcher on port wing of plane.19) MCU Ordance men make final sdjustments on missile; man makes flashlight test check on nose.20) MS Plane catted from strbrd. catapult.21) LA LS/MS Plane comes in for landing on flight deck with missile attached under wing.22) MCU Ordnance man attaches cover to missile nose.23) MS Same as above; electric leads removed.24) MS Missile removed from plane bomb rack, placed on sled parked next to plane.25) MS Sled pushed onto bomb elevator, which is lowered.26) HA MS Electronic lead attached to missile on port wing of plane.27) HA MCU Missile placed on plane launcher.28) CU Cover removed from missile nose.29) MS Flashlight test made on missile nose.30) HA MS Pilot, in cockpit, gives thumbs up to flight deck crew.31) MCU Missile nose; ordnance man attaches cables to nose, BG; second man holding flashlight.32) MS FJ-3 catted from strbrd. catapult.33) MLS Plane towed up flight deck by tractor; Pan, plane being towed.34) MLS Same as above; plane captain in plane; missile under folded wings.35) MS Sidewinder attached under strbrd. wing; plane parked rect to catapult.36) HA MCU Letters on tag attached to missile: "REMCVE BEFORE TAKE-OFF."37) HA MCU After end of missile & exhaust tubes.38) MS Ordnance men stand around bomb elevator on flight deck; elevator comes up with missile on sled; men remove guard chains in preparation for taking sled from elevator.

Seventh Fleet Change Of Command 1957

Shot List

1) MS VADM. S. H. INGERSOLL standing before the speaker"s stand speaking with VADM. W. M. BEAKLEY who is sitting in a chair to his left.2) MCU VADM. INGERSOLL and VADM. BEAKLEY saluting.3) MCU VADM. INGERSOLL sitting in a chair at the speaker"s stand; VADM. BEAKLEY speaking during Change of Command Ceremonies.4) MS BEAKLEY shaking hands with INGERSOLL.5) MCU INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY saluting; marines and officers in BG saluting also.6) MCU BEAKLEY and

INGERSOLL saluting in BG: a large crowd of officers and spectators saluting.7) MS Chaplain giving the invocation; the chaplain is CDR A. READ, USN (CC).8) MS The officers and guests stand around their chairs conversing with one another; others are walking off.9) MS INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY arriving at speaker"s stand; they sit in chairs on either side of speaker"s stand.10) MS CDR. READ giving the invocation.11) MCU Same.12) MS An undt Naval Captain speaking into mike.13) MCU INGERSOLL speaking.14) MLS Over the heads of the large crowd seated in chairs on the flight deck of the USS BON HOMME RICHARD.15) HA MS INGERSOLL speaking; the crew at quarters in BG; guests sitting in chairs.16) HA MS Ship"s officers in ranks.17) MCU INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY conversing with one another on bridge of the CVA.18) MCU Same, different angles.19) MCU BEAKLEY and INGERSOLL walking.20) MCU BEAKLEY and INGERSOLL aboard the USS ST. PAUL (CA-37) conversing with one another.21) HA MCU INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY standing on bridge of the ST. PAUL.22) MCU PAN The USS BON HOMME RICHARD underway.23) MCU INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY conversing with one another on the bridge of the ST. PAUL.24) MLS PAN From the deck of the ST. PAUL to the USS HASAYAMPO (AO-145) which is refueling the ST. PAUL.25) MLS to LS USS BREMERTON (CA-130) underway.26) MLS to LS The ships of the 7th Fleet underway.27) MCU The speaker"s stand on the BON HOMME RICHARD; INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY saluting along with the other officers in the BG.28) MS A large crowd of officers and their guests standing at attention; the civilians with their hats over their breasts.29) MCU INGERSOLL saluting and walking over to BEAKLEY and shaking hands.30) MCU INGERSOLL walking onto the island structure; BEAKLEY is the new commander of the 7th Fleet.31) MS Several of the officers and civilian guests walking away.32) HA MLS The large crowd of spectators breaking up on the deck of the BON HOMME RICHARD.33) HA MS The 7th Fleet band playing on the BON HOMME RICHARD during the Change of Command ceremonies.34) MLS Overlooking the heads of some of the officer guests; INGERSOLL, in BG, at the speaker"s stand talking to the guests.35) MCU INGERSOLL speaking as ADM. BEAKLEY sits to his left.36) MS Some of the women and officer guests.37) CU BEAKLEY and INGERSOLL saluting.38) MCU The large crowd of officer guests and the lady visitors standing at attention.39) MS BEAKLEY speaking; INGERSOLL sits to his right.40) LA CU BEAKLEY speaking.41) HA MLS Looking through a port hole, the heads of the enlisted men at quarters.42) MS INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY arriving at the speaker"s stand and sitting down in chairs on either side of the stand.43) LA MCU An undt. officer speaking on the stand.44) MCU INGERSOLL speaking to the large crowd.45) MCU A large group of enlisted men at quarters during the Change of Command.46) MLS Two ranks of enlisted men standing next to the FJ Furys during the Change of Command ceremonies.47) HA MLS THE crew of the BON HOMME RICHARD; the FJ Furys in BG.48) HA MLS The officers and chiefs at quarters; the F7U Cutless parked in far BG.49) HA MLS Some of the empty chairs and the crew at quarters; the various aircraft parked along the flight deck and in the far BG.50) MCU INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY conversing with one another aboard the USS ST. PAUL before BEAKLEY relieved INGERSOLL as COM 7th Fleet.51) MCU INGERSOLL and BEAKLEY on the bridge of the ST PAUL prior to their Change of Command cere monies; a quartermaster in the BG.52) MCU BEAKLEY and INGE


Shot List

1) MS An A4D coming in for arrested landing and touches down on flight deck PAN slowly to the right, two men in the catwalk watching (rather jumpy). F2) MLS An A4D is placed on strbd catapult aboard the USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31) second A4D is moving along the side of the island.3) MLS A4D on strbd catapult PAN as plane is catapulted. G4) MS A4D on strbd catapult PAN as plane is catapulted and airborne. G5) MLS A4D comes in for landing plane touches down and tail hook releases the wire. G6) HA MS A second A4D comes in for landing it releases the wire and moves up the deck.7) HA CU The A4D moving across the deck. G8) HA CU A4D on port catapult catapult officer holds up his arms.9) HA MS PAN An A4D makes a touch-and-go. G10) HA MS PAN An A4 makes an arrested landing. G11) MLS PAN A4D makes a touch-and-go (SV). G12) CU A4D is catapulted after officer gives the go signal.13) MLS A4D makes arrested landing (jumpy). F14) MLS A4D is catapulted from strbd catapult. G15) MS AtoA An FJ-4 tanker sends his refueling hose to the second FJ-4 the aircraft misses the funnel the fueling hose is wheeled in on the leading buddy tanker. G16) MS AtoA Two FJ-4"s in flight the second plane makes a direct hit with refueling drogue and refueling commences. VG17) CU A4D parked on the line ladder set up alongside the cockpit. G18) CU A bomb attached underneath the fuselage of the A4D.19) LA CU AtoA A4D in flight with the bomb attached underneath. G20) ECU AtoA Same as before. G21) CU AtoA Same as before, very low over the desert (rather jerky). F22) HA MS AtoA Same as before aircraft climbs and rolls over on its back and flies invertedly over the target on the desert floor plane flips over into level flight. G23) MS An FJ-4 is catapulted from the strbd catapult of the BON HOMME RICHARD. G24) LS FJ-4 touching down on deck (SV). G25) MLS PAN An A3D in flight low over the station plane climbs bomb bay door is opened and a special weapon is released from the bomb bay the brightly painted weapon dives for the ground leaving a trail of vapor or smoke.


Shot List

1) CU Silhouette view, flight deck personnel, two A-4C aircraft in formation on fly-by in left BG, leaving scene to left. G 2) HA MCU PAN A-4C making a recovery in early evening; many lights are turned on, on the aircraft. G 3) HA MCU PAN A-4C making a recovery and rolling to a stop. G 4) HA MCU PAN F-8D making a recovery, taxiing to right, begins folding its wings. G 5) HA MS A-4C coming in for landing. G 6) HA MCU PAN A-1G making a recovery, rolling to a stop, folding its wings. G 7) HA MCU PAN A-1H making a recovery, rolling to a stop; Plane Director in lower FG is using red glowing flashlights, one in each hand, to give hand signals to the pilot. G 8) HA MS A-1H, running lights on, coming in for landing over deck, touch down is made; PAN with plane rolling to a stop. G 9) CU Silhouette view, two men, American flag fluttering in breeze in BG; PAN off to right, an A-3B makes a recovery in the late evening. G 10) HA MCU PAN A-3B making recovery, this is taken at night; part of the aircraft is lit up by lights around the flight deck area; lights in hands of Plane Director are seen moving about over deck directing aircraft forward.


Shot List

1) CU Flight-deck gas crewman pulling a gas hose over flight deck. 2) CU Gas crewman gassing one of the aircraft. G 3) CU Midshipman 1st. Class ROBERT S. SCHREIBER son of CDR Schreiber of 9 Hillcrest Rd., Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco, Calif, observing flight deck refueling ops. with the guidance of LLOYD E. WEBER, ABF2, as they stand next to an A 4E type aircraft. G 4) MS WEBER watching the refueling. VG 5) CU Midshipman And WEBER chatting. G 6) CU Hand of gas crewman holding onto the gas nozzle. G 7) CU Midshipman and WEBER chatting. G 8) CU Gas crewman gassing fuel tank under wing of aircraft. G 9) CU SCHREIBER on flight deck chatting with WEBER. G 10) CU SCHREIBER standing next to WEBER as the crewman gasses the A-1H type aircraft. G 11) CU SCHREIBER walking past the camera. G 12) CU SCHREIBER being instructed on gas fuel pumps (SV). 13) CU Man in purple shirt instructing SCHREIBER in fuction of flightdeck refueling. (SV) 14) CU Gauge pointed to by the instructor. G 15) CU Large pump being pointed to. G 16) CU Man turning a wheel on the fuel pump. G 17) CU SCHREIBER and instructor walking towards the side of an A-4E. l8) CU SCHREIBER and instructor under the A-4E aircraft. (SV). 19) CU Instructor instructing SCHREIBER on refueling. 20) CU Fuel hose insterted into a fuel belly tank and removed. G 21) CU Midshipesn 1st. Class WILLIAM J. KANE, son of MR & MRS William J. Kane, of 912 So. Conestoga St., Philadelphia, PA., being shown the duties of a signalman aboard USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31), by one of the signalmen HAROLD ALBRITTON, SMI. VG 22) CU MILTON T GRAMBY, SM3. 23) CU Midshipman KANE being instructed in the functions of the signalmen aboard the CVA (SV). 24) MCU KANE looking on as the signalman places a covering over the signal light (SV). G 25) CU ALBRITTON chatting with KANE next to signal light. G 26) CU KANE looking on as two signalmen snap on signal flags from flag bag. G to F 27) LA CU Hoist being, hauled down. F 28) CU KANE listening as the 1st. Class signalman instructs him; both signalmen in these scenes are negro. G 29) CU Signalman and Midshipman. G 30) MCU Midshipman looking on as the signalman instructs him on the use of the long glass (SV) 31) MCU Face of ALBRTTON, as he talks with the Midshipman. 32) CU Midshipman listening to the instructions. 33) CU Midshipman peering thru the long glass. VG 34) CU PLAT (Pilot Landing Aid Television) system, showing A-4E type aircraft being launched on the monitor. VG 35) CU A-4E being launched from deck of ship, second aircraft being launched from #l cat ( SV) 36) CU Midshipman 1st. Class JERRY C WATSON, son of MR & MRS George Watson, of 112 Beech St., Pensacola, Fla., being instructed by CHARLES E. WARD, AN, the function and use of the PLAT camera on the 07 level (SV). 37) CU WATSON listening to the instructor during briefing. F 38) ECU Face of WARD. F 39) MCU Midshipman listening to WARD. G 40) CU PLAT camera, various parts being pointed to by WARDS. G 41) CU WARD and the Midshipman looking at the rear of PLAT camera (SV). G toF 42) ECU WATSON looking into the viewer of camera. G 43) CU WARD wearing sound-powered phones. 44) CU WARD swinging the PLAT camera around. G 45) CU WARD peering thru the eye-piece of camera and swinging it around as though following an aircraft coming in for landing. 46) LS Looking down over forward part of flight, deck, WATSON partly seen off to the left FG G 47) CU Looking down alongside the PLAT camera pointing towards the A-lH on #2 cat in BG, A-1H is launched, PLAT camera catches the launch. F 48) CU WATSON looking into the viewer of camera, swinging it around (SV). G 49) HA MS A-4C type aircraft making an arrested landing, PLAT camera in FG following she aircraft in. G 50) HA MLS A-4C making an arrested landing, PAN showing the PLAT camera and operator.

UPC 811120014200


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